The Town of Three Rivers became official on September 28th, 2018. It is made up of the former towns of Georgetown and Montague, the village of Cardigan, and the communities of Brudenell, Lorne Valley, Lower Montague, and Valleyfield. Three Rivers also includes unincorporated rural areas that stretch from Panmure Island to Launching to Greenfield. 

Three Rivers is now the fourth largest municipality on Prince Edward Island, with approximately 7,200 residents. The natural beauty of Eastern PEI overflows in Three Rivers with rolling farmland, beautiful beaches, marinas, local art, shopping, and businesses that help the area thrive.

History was made through amalgamation in 2018 which brought together towns, villages and more rural areas that span a considerable regional location. Three Rivers is a leader in industry and innovation with its many active ports and marinas, flourishing farmland, bustling tourism and focus on renewable energy services. The communities that make up this area have a deep-rooted history, and together they will continue to make history. The new logo highlights the individuality of the places that make up Three Rivers, which come together to make up a fully-formed icon. The tagline honours the profound history of these places, and at the same time shows anticipation for the future. 

The design is modern and contemporary, paired with an eclectic and charming typeface, which creates a beautiful juxtaposition between “honouring the past, and anticipating the future”. Eight elements combined to create something greater than any one individual shape. Each shape is necessary to create the complete image. The symbol of the leaf represents thriving growth, and connects to the abundant natural beauty that is so prominent in Three Rivers. 

The colour palette is vibrant and welcoming, and the mosaic structure of the pieces speaks to the rich arts community found across Three Rivers. No one colour has any prominence over another; the vibrance and opacity is consistent across all shapes. Each shape that makes up the leaf is fluid and full of movement to encompass the reference to water in our Three Rivers name. 

The 3 layers of colour are: yellows for a warm sunset sky; blues representing each river, and the oranges and reds that represent rich fertile soil so recognizable across PEI. 

Stay tuned for ongoing updates and our newly designed website coming in August.