Three Rivers Municipal Candidates


MAYOR Bagnall, James (Jim)

Coffin, Peggy

Collins, Richard A.

MacAulay, Edward

VanDonkersgoed, M. Anne

Ward 1 – Gaspereaux King, Jane

Johnston, William Earl (Billy)

Ward 2 – Valleyfield Munro, Alan (Acclaimed)
Ward 3 – Lower Montague Halley, Sean

Higgins, Yvonne

Holland, Gerard

Ward 4 – County Line MacDonald, Barry

Nicholson, Ronnie

Ward 5 – Brudenell Harding, Brian

MacLean, Cameron

Ward 6 – Lorne Valley MacLean, John Allen

McGrath, David

Nicholson, Elizabeth (Beth)

Ward 7 – Georgetown Royalty Brow, Ray

MacLean, Cindy

Ward 8 – Georgetown Gallant, Michael

Jenkins, Cody

Ward 9 – Launching MacIntyre, Isaac (Acclaimed)

Ward 10 – Montague

Residents in Ward 10 will vote for up to 3 council members

Gallant, Robert

Johnston, Debbie

MacDonald, Shane

MacFarlane, John

Spin, Wayne

What ward am I in?

There are 10 wards in the Three Rivers municipality. Use the ward map or the civic address list below to find out which ward you are in to vote.